SVAS President's Award 2020

Walter E. Heiges

Newly Established SVAS President’s Award

There are times when a member of an organization truly stands out by giving more of themselves than all others to support the society’s mission. Such an award is not automatic upon stepping down from a leadership position, but is earned by sustained and superior leadership during tenure. In March of this year, marking the 75th anniversary of SVAS, Walt Heiges stepped down as President after serving three separate terms over the past two decades. His leadership kept SVAS afloat during difficult times, as he established a good, well respected relationship with all external party’s that continued to earn SVAS recognition and respect. It is for this reason that the Board of Directors has created the President’s Award and unanimously chooses Walt Heiges as the first recipient. Please join us in congratulating Walt when the opportunity arises.

SVAS Board of Directors