Winter sunset scene at HGO.  Image taken by Stuart Shultz

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September 15, 2017, Friday 8pm at Sacramento City College (SCC) Hubble vs Scope

Board Member Raj Dixit will discuss the difference between the beautiful images you see on TV, in books and magazines, and on the internet, compared to what you actually see through a telescope! Click here for more info!

August 21, Eclipse photo's

The photos below were taken by Member Jianheng. All shots were taken with a Canon 6D and AT65EDQ (65mm aperture 430mm FL) with a tracking mount at Corvallis, Or.

Partial Phase - Chomp Diamond Ring
The Partial phase photo was taken through Baader solar film The Diamond ring was taken at shutter speed of 1/100 at 100 ISO

Jianheng Eclipse Photo's

August 21, 2017, Monday, Solar Eclipse at the Powerhouse Science Center - Photo's

August 21st Solar Eclipse

If you are staying in Sacramento for this event, be sure to attend the SVAS local viewing at the Powerhouse Science Center. The event begins at 9am and will last approx 2 hrs. Contact Walt Heiges. Here's some Eclipse photo's from the Powerhouse Science Center. They're up here in Facebook.


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